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OpenWRT upgrade RUT955. 0 votes . 12 views 4 comments. asked 6 hours ago by anonymous. Are there any plans to upgrade OpenWRT Chaos Calmer (15.05.1) from March 2016

Open Source Downloads supported by KeyCDN.KeyCDN. File Name File Size Date; attitude_adjustment/: Thu Jun 20 13:09:43 2019: backfire/: Sun Dec 10 12:46:30 2017: barrier_breaker/: Sun Dec 10 21:20:34 2017: chaos_calmer/ Installed OpenWrt 12.09.1 firmware, did factory reset, but WiFi available only bg and a.

English Version: How to make your Openwrt firmware. Note: DO NOT USE ROOT USER TO CONFIGURE!!!. Login IP is and login password is "password". Let's …

Hi, has anyone tried using hyperoptic with an openwrt router? I'm running into two separate issues: - If I use openwrt as the main router (i.e. replacing the hyperoptic router), then I run into this issue.I posted in openwrt forum because the most direct issue is that openwrt does not send "dhcp6 request", but this may or may not be due to a hyperoptic misconfiguration, so I'm also asking here