Knowing how to run a VPN Speed Test is fundamental if you wish to get the most from your chosen VPN provider. We have chosen to make this post about speed testing the OpenVPN connection protocol as this is what most of you will be using, as a lot of the others like SSTP either don’t offer high security, reliable speeds or require certain devices to use.

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Apr 15, 2019

Performance testing with Mozilla VPN While you can measure the difference between a Mozilla VPN connection and raw Wi-Fi, you're unlikely to feel it—at least, as long as you choose a relatively

Apr 13, 2018 Testing VPN connectivity - WinGate Testing routing in the VPN. Ping is useful when testing routing across the VPN. By using Ping you can see if the VPN Participants on the remote network know how to reply to communication from your side of the VPN, indicating that routing is working correctly across the VPN. How to test my VPN - Can a bat keep a secret? Well Jun 23, 2020 Is My VPN Working? -