When you register your router with Cisco dCloud, you have an option to download the config file. The config file contains the configuration specific to your router and can be used to determine the necessary IP addresses. From dCloud, go to Dashboard > Devices > Router. Locate your router and then click Edit.

In this Cisco CCNA lab you will learn about cisco router’s ethernet interfaces and serial interfaces and router configuration commands for exploring and configuring these interfaces using cisco packet tracer. Note included at the end for students preparing for cisco ccna exam and network engineers as well. Prerequisites: Install Cisco packet tracer on your PC for performing this lab.

Aug 07, 2019

How to Setup a Cisco Router - Tech Junkie Aug 07, 2019

Hello, the router is unable to assign IP address to the 192.168.20 subnet Here are what I did 1 - On SW1 Create clan 10 - HR int fa0/1 - 2 switch port mode access switch port access vlan 10 int fa0/24 - switchport mode access, switchport mode trunk int gi0/1 switchport mode access, switchport m

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